Ice Cream Wiki

Do you like Ice Cream. Do you make your own. Well looky here. This is the Fanmade page where you can post your ideas of an Ice Cream not made but you made. This is a Work in Progress so it will be rusty. These will be made into Pages. Please know once it is accepted you are held responsible to edit it so it won't be a Stub. Please do add recipes on how to make it. Please put your name under the request and your signature. It must be a blog post. For now it is going to be here but later when it is overpopulated it will be on the Forums.


  1. Don't Spam
  2. Must not be a Copy of one. Has to be Original.
  3. Photo Evidence!
  4. Link to Blog.
  5. MUST have 10 mainspace edits. For now it is Free!


EXAMPLE: <INSERT MADE ICE CREAM HERE> Link: Ice Cream/Blog. Sig: --Supreme Lord of Supremeness II (talk) 12:26, June 12, 2016 (UTC)