• This page is used for talking to other editors about an edit disagreement, bannings, etc.
  • Spamming is NOT tolerated.
  • This page can be edited by anyone who has a question or comment about the user. Please, respect the user though.
  • When you use this page and after you edited it, please use the signature button.
  • Don't remove info (unless done by a vandal) from the talk page, as the history of the talk page shows exactly what the user has done. This history is important when assessing the user's contributions.
  • If your talkpage is getting too long, try it. To do this, create a new page that is title "User:yourusername/Archive 1", and change the numbers to 2, 3, 4, as you make another archive. Then, copy your current talk page's content onto the archive and delete all of your talk page's talks, as it will be on the archive. Save the archive, but make sure to link to it on your talk page for reference.


  • Please make sure your talk page is long enough to warrant an archive. Please don't simply archive because it's easy. If you archive your talkpage, and it's too short, next time, instead of archiving the page again, just keep adding info to the existing archive until it becomes sufficiently long (50 or so topics).


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